Republicans Eat Their Own: Tea Party Rep. Files Motion To Fire Boehner As House Speaker (VIDEO)

It’s a beautiful thing when Republicans eat their own. Democrats have been doing it for years, but recently the Republican party has proven that they have become quite good at is as well; and they’re doing it on a level that Democrats never dreamed of.

North Carolina Republican Representative Mark Meadows has filed a motion to remove John Boehner as Speaker of the House. The motion says that Boehner has made Congress “subservient” to the other two branches of government. Meadows’ motion would force a “no confidence” vote against Boehner, which, if passed, would result in Boehner’s removal as Speaker. The Washington Times says that the move will be difficult to pull off, as it would require Democrats to vote for it, in order for it to pass. Given that any replacement for Boehner would likely be even more uncooperative with Democrats, that is extremely unlikely to happen.

Meadows has an axe to grind with Boehner, which might explain the move. He was temporarily removed as chairman of the Government Operations subcommittee after he voted against the GOP leadership on the question of giving President Obama “fast track” authority on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Conservative sites are falling all over themselves to send their love to Congressman Meadows. Breitbart proclaims: “It’s On: Rep. Mark Meadows Makes Move To Unseat John Boehner As Speaker Immediately.”

The story talks about GOP leadership’s attempt to punish Meadows over his vote on fast track, which it refers to as “Obamatrade.” Breitbart calls Meadows “highly respected,” and says that he wouldn’t have attempted the move if he didn’t think it would be successful.

The Right Scoop opens their story with this sentence: “This is awesome.” Their coverage mentions that barely sane radio host, Mark Levin, has applauded the move. According to the story, Levin says that conservatives “must keep charging the hill because that’s what heroes are made of and what character is about.” Why does everything provoke a reference to war in these people, many of whom have steadfastly avoided military service?

Fox News says that other conservatives are questioning the timing of the move. Correspondent Mike Emanuel says that many House members want to go back to their districts to talk about things like the Planned Parenthood videos, or the Iran deal. Now they’re afraid they might have to talk about what is going on among Republicans in the House.

This is more proof that Republicans are incapable of being a governing party. Now that they have control of congress, and don’t need to attack Democrats any more, they’ve turned to attacking each other. History tells us that when this sort of thing happens, it usually doesn’t end well for those involved. Get your popcorn, folks. The Right Scoop is right — this is awesome.

Here’s a report, from Fox News:

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