Republicans Defend Domestic Terrorism At Planned Parenthood By Claiming It Was Actually A Bank Robbery (TWEETS)

The Planned Parenthood shooting has the nation reeling. Many are calling this an act of domestic terrorism, and that assessment seems more concrete with every passing minute. However, others don’t want to call it what it is. They would rather push the “lone wolf” narrative, ignore it until they can think of a way to respond that won’t anger everyone, or in the cases of some, buy into a ridiculous story that this was really a bank robbery gone wrong.

We wish we were kidding, but you can’t make this stuff up. Before the scene was even secure, conservative sheep all over Twitter tried telling the “ebil libruls” that it was really a bank robbery and the Planned Parenthood clinic just happened to get in the way. Yes, next door to the clinic is a Chase Bank, but that’s where the facts of that story end. Still, they didn’t let facts get in the way:

PP Tweet 6 PP Tweet 5 PP Tweet 4 PP Tweet 3 PP Tweet 2 PP Tweet 1Robert Dear did target the Planned Parenthood clinic, and he did shout something about “no more baby parts.” That suggests this act of terrorism was politically motivated. Yet, it’s almost like these people didn’t want to believe that at all, which would totally not be surprising. They don’t want to admit that all the incendiary rhetoric against Planned Parenthood, not to mention those lying videos, could actually incite something like this.

It took Chase Bank themselves tweeting that nothing ever happened there to put a stop to some of it:

PP Chase TweetSo how did all of this start? Fox News, of course. They reported it this way. Supposedly, someone said that there was no evidence of a threat to Planned Parenthood. Oddly enough, that tweet came out after other major news outlets reported that Planned Parenthood was the target.

PP Fox NewsWhile Fox News did start tweeting that the attack took place at Planned Parenthood, they never actually retracted or deleted that tweet.

The conservatives of Twitter took the Fox News report and ran with it. This just shows that these people would rather live in their distorted bubbles than open their eyes and ears to the facts of a situation. It has to be shoved directly into their brains for them to stop this.


Featured image by Hourick. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons

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