Republicans Choose NRA Instead Of Banning Terrorists From Having Guns

Republicans – the same ones who say President Obama is soft on terrorism – voted down Senator Dianne Feinstein’s clear cut amendment to stop terror suspects from purchasing firearms without background checks.

The amendment would have given the Attorney General the power to decide if a suspected terrorist on a government watch-list could obtain a firearm or not, and would allow people who feel they were wrongfully denied purchasing power to appeal to the federal government.

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The bill failed by a vote of 45-54. All but one Democrats voted in favor, all Republicans but one voted against it. Take a wild guess how many of the Republicans that voted it down got expenditures from the NRA? Every single one.

In the 2014 election cycle, the NRA spent a whopping $30 million on the members of this Republican controlled Senate to ensure legislation like this wouldn’t pass.

Igor Volsky, Director of Video and Contributing Editor at Think Progress, compiled a list of the members who voted against Feinstein’s amendment and how much each of them got from the NRA.

Here they are. Members of the highest legislative body in the world who put their money from the NRA above the safety of the American people:

Lamar Alexander, Tennessee, $5,857 from the NRA
Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire, $4000
Roy Blunt, Missouri, $755,816
John Boozman, Montana, $24,618
Richard Burr, North Carolina, $32,792
Shelley Moore-Capito, West Virginia, $94,261
Bill Cassidy, Louisiana, $247,629
Dan Coates, Indiana, $17,917
Thad Cochran, Mississippi, $9,944
Bob Corker, Tennessee, $5,929
John Cornyn, Texas, $15,909
Tom Cotton, Arkansas, $2,581,794
Mike Crapo, Idaho, $2,949
Ted Cruz, Texas, $65,300
Steve Daines, Montana, $35,810
Mike Enzi, Wyoming, $2,024
Joni Ernst, Iowa, $259,402
Deb Fischer, Nebraska, $8,359
Jeff Flake, Arizona, $321,709
Cory Gardner, Colorado, $1,544,783
Chuck Grassley, Iowa, $55,592
Orrin Hatch, Utah, $97,484
Dean Heller, Nevada, $27,887
John Hoeven, North Dakota, $3,099
Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma, $3,795
Johnny Isakson, Georgia, $1,262
Mike Lee, Utah, $2,117
Mitch McConnell, Kentucky, $922,000
Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, $4,780
David Perdue, Georgia, $279,173
Rob Portman, Wisconsin, $596,489
Pat Roberts, Kansas, $322,453
Mike Rounds, South Dakota, $82,040
Ben Sasse, Nebraska, $87,827
John Thune, South Dakota, $92,202
Thom Tillis, North Carolina, $2,459,881
Roger Wicker, Mississippi, $44,601

Senators not accounted for were Senators Barrasso, Collins, Graham, Heitkamp, Lankford, Moran, Paul, Risch, Rubio, Scott, Sessions, Shelby, Sullivan, and Vitter.

Some Senators have taken less than three thousand dollars from NRA. I guess we know the price of life within the GOP.

Senator Feinstein said it best after the vote:

If you need proof that Congress is a hostage to the gun lobby, look no further than today’s vote blocking a bill to prevent known or suspected terrorists from buying guns and explosives. Congress has been paralyzed by the gun lobby for years, while more and more Americans are killed in mass shootings. The carnage won’t stop until Congress finds the courage to stand up to the gun lobby and protect the nation.

Remember people, the price the Republicans in Congress put on your lives is anywhere between $1,500 and $2.8 million.

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