Republicans Are Using Government To Get Between Female Veterans And Their Doctor

Continuing their efforts to bring down Big Uterus in the never-ending war on vagina, some Republican pantload out of North Carolina took scumbaggery to a whole new level when he trued using government to get between female veterans and their doctor. Republican Sen Thom Tillis (yeah, that’s his real name) of North Carolina essentially killed a bill that would have helped female military veterans receive fertility treatments by attaching some virulently anti- Planned Parenthood amendments to it. Apparently they still want government small enough to fit into a vagina.

It seems Tillis totally crapped on Sen. Patty Murray’s (D-Wash.) bill to end a ban on fertility treatments for female veterans receiving care at VA hospitals. Tillis, obviously not the least bit interested in helpful solutions, offered his explanation for the toxic amendments.

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I’m concerned that we have a problem with priorities,” Tillis said on the Senate floor. “I’m concerned that maybe the focus isn’t where it needs to be to make sure that we take care of the most pressing problems for our veterans. [Source]

A member of Congress lecturing about priorities is like 50 Cent lecturing about fiscal responsibility. In any case, Tillis referenced a Government Accountability Office report on federal funding for family planning organizations such as Planned Parenthood as justification. However,  the report did not state that Planned Parenthood was the origination that received financial assistance. Murray was not too happy:

 I know some Republicans are trying to use this latest issue as just one more opportunity to roll back the clock and take away women’s health care options,” Murray said. “We can have that fight. We’ve had it many times before. But don’t pull veterans into the middle of it. Don’t take something that should be above politics — our sacred duty to our veterans — and pull it down into the muck of petty politics. It’s not fair to veterans and their families, who have been hoping and praying for the opportunity to have children. [Source]

Donald Trump is indeed a massive bag of donkey farts and genuine horrible person, but he was correct in that Republican polices towards veterans is fairly non-existent. Once again, we see how it’s all about waving that flag the hardest and buying up all the “support the troops” bumper stickers; but when it actually comes down to supporting them, it’s just not something they can do.

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