Republicans And Christie Shut Down In Jersey. State Dems Win Largest Majority In 37 Years

The results are in and Republicans are screwed in New Jersey. Voters have had all they can stand of the failed and corrupt Christie administration and his group of Republican goons and sent them a message to get out of the capitol.

Democrats now control at least 51 of the 80 seats in the lower house of the state legislature as of January, which is their biggest majority since 1979.

Assembly majority leader Lou Greenwald had this to say:

This was a referendum on the Democratic Party and the policies we have supported. It showed we are in touch with voters.

Despite all of Christie’s bluster, bullying and grandstanding, he did not have the ability to bring Republicans to power in the state house. Mostly this was due to the massive baggage from scandal, and his flop as a presidential candidate. There also was a long list of local failures within his state from his raiding of pension funds for tax giveaways to corporate cronies to ethics probes over Hurricane Sandy money being held hostage.

Democrats capitalized on Christie’s lack of popularity, by calling opponents “Christie Republicans” which is not far from the truth due to his strong arm railroading tactics he commonly uses to get his way. This waning popularity of Christie, both at home and on the road, has worked into the media as well, with the New York Times editorial board suggesting that it is time for Christie to pack it in and head back home, admitting national defeat.

With the sound drubbing that Republicans have received in New Jersey, which was the home of arguably the most popular Republican in the nation just a couple years ago, this pretty much shows Christie’s campaign is toast on the coast. One thing is for certain, on the train to the Presidency there is a limit for “carry on baggage”, as was implied in his state’s election.

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