Republican Wants To Fund ‘Humanity Of The Unborn Child’ Classes While Schools Are LITERALLY Crumbling

My home state of Oklahoma has a $1.2 billion budget shortfall, according to the latest projections. This is all thanks to some incredibly stupid governing by the republican legislature and the “small government” and “no taxes” governor Mary Fallin. It seems Fallin joined the Brownback School of Economics and has since run the state into the ground, much in the way Brownie has run Kansas into the grave. With Fallin’s tax cuts taking effect this year, the state has to figure out ways to slice and dice services to the citizens.

But one legislator, Rep. Ann Coody (R-Idiotville) wants to pass a bill that would create a fund to pay for educating school children on the “humanity of the unborn child” while simultaneously killing funding that goes to living children. The bill reads,

An Act relating to schools; creating the Humanity of the Unborn Child Act; affirming public policy of the state; creating certain revolving fund; requiring funds to be expended by State Board of Education for certain purpose; requiring State Department of Education to operate certain program to educate public and students in certain grades; requiring Department to develop certain programs that contain certain criteria; requiring medical providers and hospitals to inform pregnant patient of certain programs; requiring public schools operating at grade nine to provide certain instruction; requiring public schools to inform parent prior to presentation of certain instruction; providing for codification; providing for noncodification; and providing an effective date.

There are very serious problems happening in Oklahoma because of this budget shortfall and this is what Ann Coody wants to do?

Take the Department of Human Services, for example, they got $11.8 million less in state appropriations this year and are now in a $45.2 million shortfall for the department.

If that isn’t bad enough, significant cuts to education are expected this year too. Classes for Seminole High School, for example, are currently being held in a grocery store because the school building has been condemned. There won’t be any money coming in on the horizon to help. Only further cuts.

So at a time when resources are scarce for children in schools, for nutrition programs, “STEM ready school” is being cut and more, republican legislators want to spend money to teach school children about abortion. These kids are having school in a grocery store because their school was condemned and you want to talk about abortion? A $1.2 billion shortfall and you want to spend money for classes for children about anti-abortion propaganda? No matter how many times I say it or word it, there is no way it makes sense.

The state republicans have a serious problem with their priorities when they care more about a fetus than they do about children in schools. How dare you. Seriously, how dare you completely destroy the future of generations of Oklahoma school children because you care more about abortion than you do about children.

Feature image by Taber Andrew Bain/Flickr and Oklahoma State House.

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