Republican Stuns In Brutally Honest Reaction To Americans Dying Under Trumpcare (VIDEO)

With the unveiling of the Senate Republicans’ disastrous new health care proposal, it’s never been more clear that Trumpcare is going to cost tens of thousands of Americans their lives.

This health care proposal, which is supposed to replace Obamacare, has been trashed by medical professionals all over the country. There are even several Republicans who are standing firmly against such an inhumane piece of legislation, and on Saturday New York GOP Rep. Tom Reed strengthened the fight against Trumpcare by demonstrating the exact kind of heartlessness that stands behind the proposal.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Reed blatantly admitted that the fact that 20,000 or more Americans will die under the GOP’s health care plan is of no concern to him. Reed stated that as long as the bill saves money, Americans in need of life-saving health care can go to hell.

Here’s a clip of the interview, in which Reid points out that by supporting Trumpcare, the GOP Rep. is encouraging tax cuts over actually helping the American people.

Reid reminded the GOP congressman that this health plan will kill approximately 27,700 people – and Reed didn’t give a sh*t. His unmoved response was:

“What I’m saying is we need to make the program sustainable, and what you have to do is change the way we do Medicaid … not expand the service.”

Reid couldn’t believe her ears. Shocked by her guest’s honesty, she fired back that the GOP should just confess that they aren’t even trying to improving Medicaid – they just want to get rid of its funding. You can watch her tear into Reed below:

Reid said:

“The plain fact here is that this is not about Medicaid reform. You, sir, believe that Medicaid should just receive less money and that it shouldn’t be getting its money … from taxpayers.”


What Rep. Reed did here was expose the true values of the GOP. American lives are at risk, and the Republican Party could care less. Every American needs to remember this moment in 2018.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

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