Republican During C-SPAN Interview: We ‘Hate that N***er Obama’ (VIDEO)

We’re not saying all Republicans are racist, but it’s a sure bet that most racists are Republican. During a call to C-SPAN regarding the recent election bloodbath, Anthony from San Diego on the Republican line said:

This is about race. Republicans hate that n***er Obama.

At least he’s honest.

Here’s the clip, thanks to Talking Points Memo:

This isn’t the first time host Steve Scully has had to deal with idiotic racists calling in. On the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, multiple callers wanted to talk about “white oppression.” Let’s give credit to Scully for his apparently limitless supply of patience.

Yet language aside, Anthony from San Diego is somewhat right. Republicans really do hate Obama, and it really is about race. When it comes down to it, President Obama is a moderate at best. His economic record is better than Reagan’s. The deficit is down. Jobs are up. Yet no matter what, Republicans aren’t just naysaying — they’re refusing to cooperate or budge, even a little.

So what makes him different? I’d say it’s pretty obvious. It’s much easier to get people to vote against something than for, and Republicans capitalized on that this election cycle. Unfortunately for the GOP, now they find themselves in an awkward position for a party without a head — having to actually govern.

It’s hard to solve problems when nobody knows who is in charge or what ideology to follow. There’s a great chance that Anthony from San Diego will be right about the cost of overreaching, as well. And at this point, that’s the best hope of the Democrats.

Featured image screencaptured from video, H/T TPM

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