Republican Rep Openly Admits GOP’s Racism On CNN: ‘White Males’ Finally Have A Voice In Trump

It appears that once again the GOP has been caught with their “diversity” fly down, exposing the Confederate flag underwear that lies beneath their “party of Lincoln” facade.

This time, the indecent exposure came in the form of remarks from Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI) who acknowledged that Trump’s campaign was geared primarily toward white males.

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While opining about Trump’s RNC-closing speech, Duffy said, “There’s a viewpoint that says, ‘I can fight for minorities, and I can fight for women,’ and if you get that, you make up a vast majority of the voting block and you win. And white males have been left aside a little bit in the politics of who speaks to them.”

Just loved how Duffy tried to temper his remarks with “And this might be inappropriate to say but..,” before allowing the ignorant sewage to spill forth from his mouth.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll from June showed Trump with an enormous 60 to 26 percent point advantage among white males, however, that might not be enough to give him victory in November given his unpopularity among other racial groups.

The Trump campaign has also been plagued by reports of support emanating from white nationalist groups like the KKK and Neo-Nazis. His campaign has also reportedly re-tweeted white supremacists over 70 times on Twitter so far during this election season.

Trump supporters often use the term “real Americans” to describe the people who will “rise up” and deliver Trump the presidency in November. In case, you’re wondering who these “real Americans” are perhaps this wide shot of the RNC convention will give you a hint.

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