Proof That Republican Anti-Planned Parenthood Policies Lead To MORE Abortions, Not Less

The Republican “War on Women” is a very real threat to reproductive rights across the country. All summer long the GOP spread vicious lies that the biggest family planning organization in the country was selling “baby parts.” The rumor started when a far-right organization, the Center for Medical Progress, released heavily edited and much-debunked videos that “depicted” Planned Parenthood employees talking about “selling” fetal tissue. The Republican candidates for president, especially Carly Fiorina, took these doctored videos to their supporters as “proof” that the pro-choice organization was committing crimes.

After months of hearing the dangerous lies about the videos, one man, Robert Lewis Dear, walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, screamed “no more baby parts” and opened fire on innocent people. At the end of his rampage, three people were dead — including a police officer and an Iraq War veteran. This is the kind of stuff that results from the vapid deceptions the right-wing spreads and they don’t care at all. The GOP never took responsibility for the blood on their hands, unsurprisingly.

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That’s not all, in addition to the falsehoods that are spread about the beloved health organization, Republicans have viciously attacked their funding. In places like Texas, the attacks on not just Planned Parenthood, but women’s rights as a whole have resulted in the closures of almost all of the “abortion” clinics in the state.

So, you would think that if Republicans were so certain that their pro-life policies were the right choice for the country, their states would have really low abortion rates, right? Wrong.

According to information obtained by the Guttmacher Institute, three of the top five states with the most abortions per capita are Republican-governed states; and women in the South, which is notoriously red, terminate more pregnancies than any other region in the country.

Top Five States (latest data from 2011)

5.  New Jersey – 46,990 (rate of 27.1 percent)

4. Texas – 73,200 (rate of 13.5 percent)

3.  Florida – 84,990 (rate of 23.7 percent)

2. New York – 92,300 (rate of 26.8 percent)

1. California 181,730 ( rate of 23 percent)

All rates are per 100,000 women.


4. Midwest – 153,380

3. Northeast – 272,020

2. West – 276,300

1. South – 356,790

Now, if Republican pro-life policies were really as effective as they say, wouldn’t the number of abortions performed in their state be much lower?

Of course, they would! But, Republican pro-life policies are not about lowering abortions, they are geared towards punishing women. If the GOP ACTUALLY cared about ending the need for abortions, they wouldn’t prevent children from receiving a comprehensive sexual education in school. If they were actually concerned with abortions they wouldn’t be against easy access to birth control. Hell, if they really wanted to end abortions, they’d take a page from Planned Parenthood’s book and set bowls of condoms around high schools and sadly, middle schools, in this country. But, the right closes their eyes, puts their fingers in their ears and pretends that teenagers aren’t having sex.

Further, if Republicans were sooooo pro-life they would be perfectly happy providing the children they force into this world with food, medical care, and an education. But they are also against all of these things.

If you speak to any pro-fetus right-winger and abortions, by the end of the conversation they will have said something like,”Well, if she didn’t want to have children, she shouldn’t have spread her legs,” or,”That’s what you get when you sleep around. Now you have to live with the consequences.” They do not care about babies, they care about punishing women for having sex — and God forbid we enjoy it. Here is a perfect example of their logic.

So, the next time you hear a member of that disgusting, woman-hating party say that they are “pro-life” and Planned Parenthood is evil, show them how well their “pro-life” policies work.

Featured image via Life News

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