Republican N.C. Governor Just Signed A Bill That Makes LGBT Discrimination Legal

Wednesday, Republican leaders of the North Carolina General Assembly failed to protect the rights of all of its citizens by hastily pushing through a bill that will repeal all local LGBT non-discrimination ordinances set to pass in the state, and ban transgender people from certain restrooms.

House Bill 2 allows state law to supersede all local ordinances concerning wages, employment, and public accommodations, regardless of  the recent bill passed in Charlotte, NC to protect the LGBT community from discrimination. It also restricts single-sex public restrooms and locker rooms, in publicly run facilities, to people of the same sex on their birth certificate. This also goes for public schools, which may create quite a challenge since Title IX of the Education Act of 1972 – which bans discrimination in publicly funded schools on the basis of sex – was interpreted to also ban transgender discrimination as a form of sex discrimination. Thanks, Obama.

In just ten hours, the bill was introduced and passed.

Governor McCrory, unphased by allowing the state to discriminate, then released a statement where he seems to pat himself on the back, ensuring that basic privacy and etiquette would not be breached, thanks to this bill. He even took to twitter to announce his epic fail:

I signed bipartisan legislation to stop the breach of basic privacy and etiquette, ensure privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms.

I’m sorry, but ensuring privacy in bathrooms means adding more stalls to men’s public facilities, which would enclose the open row of urinals. It would also mean doing away with those awkward open showers we all remember in school that were dreaded by most. Banning people from using the restroom designated to their sexual identity doesn’t ensure privacy, it just makes bigots feel better about their own warped idea that transgenders want to look at their junk or cause harm. It’s complete BS!

It’s disgusting (though not surprising) to think that a governor would provoke fear by labeling transgenders as a group to be afraid of, but he and critics did so by claiming the public accommodations portion of the city ordinance would somehow pose a threat by allowing transgender women, who they called  “men,” to prey on women and girls. They completely painted a false image of transgenders to instill fear in order to push their agenda through.

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