Republican Gun Lobby Puppets EVISCERATED By BBC: ‘America Has To Break The NRA’ (VIDEO)

When you hear people in other nations talk about America, it can be pretty freakin’ embarrassing. The perspective from other countries and cultures, not that dissimilar from ours, is that we are excessively violent, arrogant and the most stubborn people on the planet when it comes to adapting to changing conditions in society.

In a segment from BBC News, the panel brought up the issue of the American epidemic of mass shootings. Calling the number “staggering,” they pointed out that we have had more mass shootings than days in the year, during 2015. Staggering is putting it mildly.

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Adnan Nawatz, Aaron Heslehurst, and Maike Curry tied the problem of American fascination with guns and the subsequent violence we suffer because of it, directly to the 2nd Amendment.

In the last 43 years, more Americans have been shot by another American — shot and killed by another American — than all of America’s soldiers killed in wars in the last 240 years.

And you go where’s the priority? You talk about Congress — NRA, right? If Clinton really wants to get serious, that’s what you have to try to break, dismantle.

Break the NRA? Please believe we would love to do this. The problem is that Republicans are NRA stooges who do not care about their own nation.

Our friends across the pond are correct in what they say. Without having support from congress we will get very little done, regardless of what promises a single president may make. It’s a serious mark against the American public when people in other nations, as close to us as they may be, have both the insight and courage to call out the problems we refuse to see on our own.

Watch the full video from BBC News 24 below:

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