Republican Group Stages Full On Coup Against Trump, Launches Attack Ads To Destroy Him In Swing States

Just when everyone thought the #NeverTrump Republicans had given up on the idea that another candidate could replace their terribly unqualified nominee, they come out swinging. There is now a full-on assault playing out on the airwaves in swing states, paid for by an anti-Trump group of GOPers called Free the Delegates. They are the ones who tried to stage a convention coup to deny Donald Trump the official nomination, but failed last month in Cleveland. They are the only Republicans who have more morals and values than the spineless establishment leaders of their party. Then again, considering the language in the ad, it is still party before country, so I digress.

The ad, entitled “Keep Your Word,” does as so many ads do in this election, and easily use Trump’s own words against him. There’s footage of an interview in which Trump says:

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“Number one, I’m not a masochist, and if I was dropping in the polls where I saw I wasn’t going to win, why would I continue?”

Their message is clear: Trump should voluntarily leave the race because he has little chance of beating Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. The text in the ad begs of Trump:

“Resign the nomination. Let the RNC replace you so we can beat Hillary.”

The ad will run starting this coming Tuesday in Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia.

The thing is, though, in many states it is too late to put another candidate on the ballot, which would make the GOP’s electoral path to victory even more narrow than it already is. Further, the new candidate would have to put together a campaign staff and strategy, and prepare for debates against Hillary – the first of which is only one month away.

The only thing this ad and those like it do at this point is ensure that people have an even more unfavorable view of Trump, as well as the GOP at large for choosing him as their presidential candidate.

The funniest part about all of this is that the fractured party is helping ensure Democratic victories up and down the ballot this November.

Watch the ad below, via The Hill:

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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