Republican Congressman Meadows Continued Paying Aide Who Sexually Harassed Female Workers

A Democratic watchdog group is calling for an ethics investigation of Republican North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows after learning Meadows continued paying his chief of staff amid claims of sexual harassment.

In March of this year, Meadows received reports from female staffers that his Chief of Staff Kenny West, had been sexually harassing them. However, Meadows kept West on the payroll through August, a full SIX months after the harassment claims came to his attention.

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The American Democracy Legal Fund (ADLF) request asks the Office For Congressional Ethics to investigate Rep. Meadows’ handling of the issue, including his treatment of West after the complaints were received, and for ignoring previous warnings about West’s conduct toward women.

In a letter written by Legal Fund president Brad Woodhouse, the Fund states:

House rules prohibit members and employees from engaging in sexual harassment and prohibit members from retaining and paying staffers who are no longer performing the duties for which they were hired. It is clear that Rep. Meadows did not act forcefully enough to stop the known instances of sexual harassment that occurred in his office and that he continued to pay Mr. West at his chief-of-staff rate well after he was no longer acting in that capacity.

If the Meadows name sounds familiar to you, it’s because Representative Mark Meadows LED the GOP’s attack to defund Planned Parenthood. Oh, THAT Representative Mark Meadows.

And the picture becomes more clear.

ADLF spokeswoman Mary Jennings, issued the following statement:

Rep. Meadows’ complete disregard for the safety of the women in his office after multiple warnings and complaints about Mr. West’s sexual harassment is not only a violation of House ethics rules, it is a shameful display of misogyny from one of our country’s lawmakers.

Oh, the misogyny runs deep here, my friends. Buckle up, sit back and let’s see what happens.

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