Republican Congress Tweets Group Selfie And People Noticed This One VERY Disturbing Detail

After narrowly escaping a civil war, the Republican Party has put all of its energy into demanding every conservative in the country “come home” to Donald Trump and the GOP in Congress. Many of these politicians openly said they couldn’t look their daughters in the eyes and support Trump, but now that he’s won, their daughters’ respect has taken a backseat to their own political ambitions.

Which explains why the party decided to gather up the entire group of Republican congressional members and take a giant selfie with future vice president Mike Pence. The House Republicans official Twitter account was so proud of it that they even tweeted the photo under the heading “UNIFIED.”

But there’s just one major problem. Looking out at the sea of faces, it’s stunning to notice what isn’t there. No color. A sea of white faces. America in 2016 is a more diverse country than it has ever been in its history and the Republicans now controlling the government are almost entirely white – and mostly men. Here’s a better look.


And it’s not just a selfie. The numbers back up this disturbing pattern. As recently early November, FiveThirtyEight looked at the diversity within each party and found that while Democrats are increasingly embracing people of color and women in elected positions, the Republican Party has remained almost 100 percent white men. Their lack of inclusiveness has remained essentially unchanged since 1950.


And the problem seems to be getting worse for Republicans.

This summer, Paul Ryan took a similar group selfie with the young people working on Capitol Hill who would one day lead the party. Notice how similar the faces are?


Aside from the obvious paper plate in a snowstorm quality to the House Republican selfie, the internet couldn’t help but mock the group for how creepy the photo is. It’s stunning similarity to a particular famous horror movie was immediately picked up on.

Others had different ideas.

In not entirely unrelated news, scientists recently published findings that suggested over half of Trump supporters openly admit to believing African Americans are biologically “less evolved” than white people, a percentage far higher than the national average. Looking at the racial makeup of who they elected to office gives a whole new meaning to “unified.”

Featured image via House Republicans

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