Here’s Why You Can Say Goodbye To The Republican Party (OP-ED)

As the strangest Republican primary season of modern times enters its final weeks, it seems that each candidate vying for the covenant title of “Washington Outsider” must prove their commitment to an uneducated (and often delusional) voter base by trying to out-crazy the candidate standing next to them. Front runners like Ben Carson and Donald Trump proudly wave their banners of “zero experience in politics, zero qualifications to hold the office of the Presidency and zero tolerance towards anyone who does not fit into their narrow definition of True Blue American”, as they try to beat back the so-called establishment candidates. Candidates who may be just a few shades less crazy than they are and gaining in the polls.

You know your party is in trouble when your most reasonable candidates are Jeb Bush- nitwit brother of George W. who suffers from a chronic case of POTUS envy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie- a man who went to charm school at “The Michael Grimm Academy for Wayward Assholes” and disgruntled optometrist Rand Paul- whose political career is in such shambles I predict by this time next year the closest he’ll be able to get to politics is filling Rick Perry’s eyeglass prescription.

Now, while this Republican primary season may be full of hateful rhetoric, endless fear mongering and enough ferociously stupid talking points to make you want to face palm yourself into unconsciousness, many political analysts predict the likes of Donald Trump and his supporters are actually driving in the final nails of a party that has been dead 20 years and is just too dumb to realize it. Tea Party Insurgents, Freedom Caucus Obstructionists, and a new breed of uninformed Right Wing Extremists who claim to love their country while simultaneously hating everything about it, have divided what use to be the Grand Old Party into oblivion.

Image Courtesy Donkey Hotey

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