Reporter Noticed Something Totally Illegal In Picture Of Trump Doctor’s Office Computer

Trump’s letter of “excellent” physical health raised a few eyebrows when Trump released it thanks to a number of typos and a series of bafflingly unprofessional descriptions of Trump’s alleged health. Since then, reporters have been hounding his doctor to explain how it happened. NBC finally got Dr. Harold Bornstein to explain himself, but in the wake of this, someone’s noticed something else strange about the good doctor.

Something strange and quite possibly illegal.

Trump’s letter was notable for its rather unconventional use of language, much like Trump’s campaign. The letter spoke in absolutes, declared his test scores were “positive” — which is generally not a good thing in medicine — and claimed he was the “healthiest individual ever” to be elected.

And that’s before getting into the misuse of actual medical terminology and vague statements like “strength and endurance are excellent.”

“Excellent strength and endurance” and “healthiest person ever” aren’t often used in the medical professional, it’s language suggestive of a bad fiction author who hasn’t learned superlatives and unqualified comparatives aren’t your friend when describing fictional characters.

In a photograph of Dr. Bornstein posing in his office, one sees the usual things associated with being a doctor: degrees, fancy chairs, desks, and a computer. Computers are incredibly important; you’d have trouble finding a place that doesn’t have computers anymore.

But you know what you will have trouble finding?

Windows XP, which as a sharp-eyed individual on Deadspin noted, is the operating system that Bornstein’s computer is running on. And that might just be illegal.

Trump's Doctor

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, requires doctors make continual security updates to their systems. The purpose of HIPAA, as you might garner by the name, is to protect patient privacy and to keep secure the information that doctors collect on their patients. Violations of HIPAA are pretty serious, with fines ranging from $1,000 to $250,000 and 10 years in prison.

Microsoft stopped supporting XP in 2014. XP is widely regarded as unsafe at this point and any computer that runs XP is unsecure. Now, if the computer isn’t connected to the internet, there might be a case that it’s not at risk, but even if this isn’t a blatant violation of HIPAA, it’s just more evidence this man isn’t a competent doctor.

Which, really, just fits. After all, “competent” isn’t a word that you’d use to describe anyone associated with Trump, now is it?

Feature image via NBC News

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