Reporter Calls Out Trump’s “Landslide Victory’ Lie Right To His Face And Trump Can’t Take It (VIDEO)

Among the many surreal moments during Trump’s insane Thursday press conference was when a reporter got a chance to fact check Trump’s blatant “historic election landslide” lie right to his face. It was beautiful to watch.

Like a needy child, Trump has been repeating his electoral college numbers recently to “prove” he’s more popular than his astoundingly low approval ratings suggest. Unable to deal with the fact that people view his first month in office as an unmitigated disaster, Trump has now taken to screaming “306!” the number of electoral votes he – falsely – believes he received whenever he is confronting with his unpopularity. (Fact check: It’s actually 304.)

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Trump is also repeating the lie that he had won a historic landslide. This, too, is false. His electoral college numbers are middling at best. And he lost the popular vote by almost a record margin. Reporters, fact checkers, and average people have repeatedly pointed this out to him. But it hasn’t sunk in. Finally Peter Alexander of NBC News was able to just straight-up tell him he was wrong in person.

When confronted with the fact that his numbers aren’t even impressive if you ignore Democratic victories, Trump can’t handle it. Rather than apologize, he claims he was “given that information” – he never says by whom.

The reporter was scathing: “Why should Americans trust you when you accuse the information they’ve received [from the media] of being fake when you’re providing fake information?”

Trump again pretended he heard the information from somewhere else and then even suggested it still might be true. “Actually, I’ve seen that information around.”


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