REPORT: The Social Media Pages Of Trump’s Staffers Show They Are Just As Racist As He Is

A new report by the Associated Press reveals that the social media pages of Donald Trump’s staffers show they are just as racist as the bigoted billionaire himself.

A review of the social media accounts of about 50 current and former staffers unveiled a shocking array of racist memes, anti-Islamic comments, and even a call for the hanging of Secretary of State John Kerry.

A graphic designer for Trump’s advance team approvingly posted video of a black man eating fried chicken and criticizing fellow blacks for ignorance, irresponsibility and having too many children. A Trump field organizer in Virginia declared that Muslims were seeking to impose Sharia law in America and that ‘those who understand Islam for what it is are gearing up for the fight.’

The AP first contacted the Trump campaign with their findings a month ago and have reached out several times since, but so far they have received no response.

Beth Myers, a former top Mitt Romney campaign aide, said that vetting staffers in this day and age should obviously include the close inspection of all social media accounts.

“In vetting a prospective staffer, I’m not sure where the line would be for not hiring someone or simply asking them to take something down from social media, but there is a line,” said Myers.

The Trump campaign apparently either sucks at vetting or approves of this kind of racism and bigotry.

The AP reports that there was little questionable content found on the pages belonging to top staffers. However, when it came to the rest of Trump’s campaign, their accounts were filled with virtual landmines of bigotry.

Teresa Unrue, a field organizer and graphic designer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for Trump’s advance team, shared a video on her Facebook account July 11 — the week before the Republican National Convention — of a black man eating fried chicken while shaming fellow black people.

‘Why are you mad about slavery?’ the man asks. ‘Y’all weren’t no damn slaves.’

‘Had me crack’n up!! Thank you!’ Unrue wrote of the video. ‘Please share this with people.’

In another post, Unrue shared the statement, “We need Islam control, not gun control.”

One staffer, after saying that instances of black-on-white crime are being suppressed bu the media, suggested that John Kerry should be hanged.

‘How about this little white boy being murdered by a black man,’ grassroots organizer Annie Marie Delgado of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, wrote in December 2014 post, one of a number highlighting crimes against white people before Trump declared his candidacy. Delgado also shared a discredited, hoax photo of the State Department’s Kerry with Jane Fonda, and commented: ‘I say hang them!’ She was paid $11,146 through April, according to campaign records.

Naturally, Muslims were targeted repeatedly. After all, they work for Trump, the man who called for the banning of all Muslims from the United States. Delgado also posted her outrage when a Muslim-American was appointed as a judge in New York. “Step by step… this is how American culture will end,” she wrote Feb. 27, adding that the only reasonable conclusion was that this judge would institute sharia law.

On Facebook, Mark Kevin Lloyd of Lynchburg, Virginia, who has been paid $36,000 as Trump’s field director in the state, shared a post June 30 calling Islam ‘a barbaric cult.’ He shared a meme June 16, four days after the Orlando nightclub shooting by a heavily armed Muslim who professed allegiance to the Islamic State group. The meme said people should be forced to eat bacon before they can purchase firearms.

The AP reports that many of the accounts they reviewed also “embraced conspiracy theories.”

Scott Barrish, who was Trump’s political director for the Tampa Bay, Florida, region, tweeted in 2013 that although he hoped the country wasn’t heading towards a civil war, “if our freedoms must be defended against a tyrannical government, so be it.” He also p*ssed and moaned that the AP had dared to review his public social media page, saying, “the liberal media, yellow journalists are really grasping at straws with their ad hominem circumstantial logical fallacies!”

Barrish was far from the only staffer wearing a tin foil hat.

Lloyd, the Virginia field director, said Obama is aiding the Iranian nuclear program as part of the president’s “‘final solution’ to the Israel problem,” a phrase evoking the Holocaust.

Delgado, the Florida organizer, circulated a theory that the company Edible Arrangements LLC is funneling money to Hamas, a claim that the Anti-Defamation League, a U.S. Jewish organization, has repeatedly dismissed as false.

Unrue posted a link to a website that alleged that the U.S. government assassinated Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died earlier this year after a history of heart trouble.

According to the AP, they also reviewed the social media accounts of staffers working for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Not at all surprisingly, they found none of the sort of vile filth they found littering the pages of Trump’s staffers.

The AP also reviewed the public social media accounts of more than three dozen employees of Hillary Clinton’s far larger campaign staff and found nothing as inflammatory. One staffer said Trump’s style of speaking reminded him of a roommate who had taken too many hallucinogenic mushrooms. AP also reviewed images attached to more than 19,000 stolen internal emails from the Democratic National Committee for racially or religiously inflammatory memes, finding nothing of note.

While comparing the content found on the social media accounts of both candidates, it is worth noting that Trump employs approximately 120 people while Clinton has a whopping 650 people employed by her campaign.

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