Rep. Loses Bet And Sings On House Floor: Still Less Embarrassing Than Benghazi Hearings (VIDEO)

To say that the results of the excruciatingly long Benghazi hearings were embarrassing for the GOP would be an understatement. The 11-hour hearing took place even after multiple Republicans, including a Benghazi committee chair, admitted that the only purpose was to make Clinton look bad. Unfortunately for them, the Benghazi witch-hunt backfired and made Hillary Clinton look stronger and more presidential than ever.

11-hour Benghazi grilling left Clinton looking like an unshakeable boss, and the GOP like childish, petty derps

Clinton remained cool under relentless pressure, The hearings went so bad for the GOP, that even ring-leader Trey Gowdy was forced to admit that they really didn’t learn… much of anything at all. When asked directly, Gowdy was forced to admit:

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I think some of Jimmy Jordan’s questioning — well, when you say new today, we knew some of that already. We knew about the emails. In terms of her testimony? I don’t know that she testified that much differently today than she has the previous time she testified.

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The hissy-fits and internal cat-fighting of the GOP were ripped to shreds by Rep. Elijah Cummings as Clinton looked on. By the time these latests hearings took place, it had been pretty established that the whole thing was a partisan concoction to take down Clinton, and that apparently p*ssed off Cummings and many other Americans. In fact, some Democratic leaders were so fed up with the bullsh*t, that they called for the RNC to reimburse the taxpayers for the expenses brought on by the ridiculous, drawn-out investigations.

The Benghazi debacle has set the bar so low for elected officials in the United States, that at this point almost anything seems more productive and less embarrassing. This is where Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) comes into the picture.

After the GOP setting a new low bar for government representatives looking foolish, even bet-losing, tone-deaf Schiff looks reasonable singing “Meet the Mets!” on the House Floor.

On Friday, October 23, Schiff, after losing a bet to Steve Israel (D-CA) on the Dodgers-Mets playoff series last week, “paid up” and donned a Mets sign on his tie and sang the praises of the Mets of the House floor with a hilariously horrible version of “Meet the Mets!”

At the end of his speech, Schiff begged, “Please, Mr. Speaker, let my time be expired!” Schiff looked suitably embarrassed during and after his one-minute speech. Thankfully for Schiff, the shenanigans of the GOP clown car have brought what seems like a waste of time and money to taxpayers to a new low.

Featured image screen capture via YouTube.

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