Remember When Bernie Sanders Kicked Alan Greenspan’s A**? (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders is the longest running Independent member of Congress in the history of the United States. He is also the most consistent member of Congress. He has been waging a war FOR the poor and the middle class. Consistently.

His current campaign for the presidency raised more money than ANY of the Republican contenders in its first 24 hours.  In the first week of his campaign over $3M was raised AND he introduced a bill to break up Wall Street.  He is on record refusing ANY corporate funding and naming (cough… cough… Koch… Koch..) names. He has been on the Sunday morning and political talk show circuit denouncing negative smear campaigns and demanding that the media do their jobs and stay on topic instead of resorting to tabloid gossip that the voters don’t care about. His campaign is consistently drawing overflow crowds.  He is exploding on social media (including an “ask me anything” on reddit), and whether the other candidates and the media are ignoring him or not, the voters are paying attention.

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Because he consistently has the voters’ backs.  Bernie’s message has never changed and the voters have been watching since 1981, and they are ready to #FeelTheBern — just like Alan Greenspan did back in 2003.

WATCH Bernie Sanders take Alan Greenspan out to the woodshed:

Featured image is a screen capture from the video above

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