Remember This Guy? The FBI Is Looking For Him After He Threatened To Kill Him Some Muslims

Fresh on the heels of a right-wing domestic terror attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic, we have another right-wing terrorist threatening a Muslim community in America.

Jon Ritzheimer, of Phoenix, Arizona, posted a video of himself howling, laughing, and waving a gun around, while threatening to terrorize mosques on a cross-country tour, before reaching his destination of Islamberg, New York. Once in Islamberg, God only knows what this lunatic has in mind. Islamberg is a small town 130 miles north of New York City and as the name suggest it is a Muslim community.

We have yet another white, right-wing, gun crazy American threatening the lives of other citizens with mass gun murder. Why is the Republican party afraid to call this what it is – radical Christian domestic terrorism?

The short answer to that is that they never will. Republicans are 100 percent responsible as the source of all domestic terror in America. To call it what it is, implicates themselves.

If there is a bright side to any of this, the numbskull outed his intent on social media. This allowed a way to identify him and alert the proper authorities. The FBI is searching for him and with any luck, he will soon be apprehended, his guns taken away and he will be behind bars where he belongs.

Watch the video of another radical christian domestic terrorist, waving a gun around and threatening to kill refugees and Muslims below:

Featured Image via Facebook 

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