Reince Preibus Reduced To Claiming Fox News Biased For Hillary In Humiliating Interview (VIDEO)

It is easy to see that Reince Priebus is regretting his call that the presidential race would be even by Labor Day. Trump is down in just about every poll, two-way, three-way, and four-way races but that didn’t stop the Republican National committee chair from attempting to blame a bias against Trump by none other than the well-known right wing sympathizing Fox News for his candidates losing numbers.

When told that his candidate is actually six points down according to Fox News polls, Priebus tried to wiggle out of it, saying:

“Okay, well, you wanna choose the worst that’s available.”

However, polls from the aggregate sources Real Clear Politics (RCP) (Hillary 46, Trump 42) and TPM Poll Tracker Average (Hillary 44.6, Trump 41.5) the polls show that the race is in Hillary’s favor. While Fox’s poll showed a cool 6 points, which is higher than the aggregate but within the margins, USA Today and Monmouth both poll Clinton at seven points over Trump.

Despite the black and white truth that Trump is not winning, nor tied, Priebus insisted:

“Look, he’s either down by a couple or even. That’s exactly where we thought this thing was going, and I don’t think that anybody can deny that the polls are narrowing and I think that the momentum is on his side.”

Gee, it seems that of the nine polls used by RCP, only two show less than a five point lead by Clinton over Trump. So much for Priebus’ prima donna excuse that Fox is picking the worst numbers available. In fact, not one poll at this point included in the RCP or TPM aggregates shows Trump in the lead. Not one.

There are actually three polls (of nine) in which Trump is only losing by around one point, but the other six polls show a whopping five or more points in Clinton’s favor. Two-thirds of the polls show a solid lead by Clinton, and every single one shows Trump losing. Maybe Priebus needs glasses?

Watch Reince Priebus’ desperate, cringeworthy attempt to deflect reality, here:

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