Refugee Hysteria Reaches New Low: FOX Claims Obama Is Importing Muslims And Deporting Christians (VIDEO)

In a recent broadcast, Todd Starnes showed the depth and breadth of his stupidity and partisan hate. Citing two examples of Christians that were at one point under threat of being deported, he claims that Obama is purposefully “importing Muslims and deporting Christians.”

It isn’t just Starnes either, a quick Google search shows way too many articles on this. Let us set aside, for just one moment, that religion should NOT be part of the criteria we use to decide whether to accept them or not; unless that religion is the reason they need to seek asylum here it really shouldn’t even be a consideration. The fact is that the Obama administration is on track to deport more undocumented immigrants than the Bush administration — actually more than any other U.S. President, ever —  around 2 million people (you would think that would shut some Cons up, but it doesn’t).

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Of the huge number of immigrants that have been deported by this administration, 12 and a half examples of Christians being deported, for cause, are being used to say that Obama is being unfair to Christians.

Twelve of the Christians, of Chaldean descent, are being deported for immigration fraud. If they weren’t Christian or were Hispanic, the entire conservative fundamentalist base would be cheering to get these “ILLEGALS” out of our country. No, no double standard there!

The Romeike’s, a German family who sought asylum for the weak reasoning that they are not allowed to homeschool in their country — even though there are Christian schools there — lost their bid for asylum. The Homeschool Defense Leauge went to bat for them with a dot Gov. petition that topped one hundred thousand signatures.

The Supreme Court declined to hear their appeal (one they would surely lose). They were then treated to a fate that hundreds of thousands of actual asylum seekers (who are running for their lives, from war-torn lands, poverty, hunger, and actual persecution) would consider a dream come true. They are here indefinitely, due to a loophole, because they are white and Christian. Perfectly painting the picture for the whole world, we treat Christians differently.

Leave it to the GOP to hold up an example of our preferential treatment of Christians as if it proved they were being mistreated.

Watch Todd Starnes’ Christian supremacist rant here:


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