Real Journalist Brian Stelter Demolishes Hannity For Shamelessly Shilling Trump’s Lies (VIDEO)

Trump superfan and Fox News host Sean Hannity is not having a very good week. First, a Wall Street Journal reporter got under his skin by (correctly) describing him as Fox News’ “dumbest anchor,” only to repeatedly destroy him every time Hannity lashed out in his own defense. Then, the pundit learned along with the rest of us that his candidate of choice is currently losing to Hillary Clinton by margins not seen in recent history. Now, he’s being systematically dismantled by an actual journalist for the shameless lies he’s coordinating with Trump – a final nail in the coffin of whatever credibility Hannity had left.

CNN’s Brian Stelter recently devoted an entire segment to pointing out the dangerous and intellectually dishonest ways Hannity (and several other right-wing outlets) are shilling for Trump. Stelter focuses specifically on the ludicrous conspiracy Trump has been pushing that if he loses, it will be because the election is “rigged.” He has zero evidence for this claim, but it hasn’t stopped Hannity from helping to promote it.

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Stelter’s disgust for Hannity gives us a masterclass in the art of the 4-minute takedown.

He concludes his thorough demolishing of Hannity with a powerful statement about the dangers of liars like Hannity being given an audience as big and gullible as Fox News’.

Hannity’s not a journalist, but he has a megaphone, and he’s using his megaphone irresponsibly. If a Democratic candidate were saying this stuff––saying the election could be rigged––then every word of this essay would apply to him or her. But right now, it’s the Republican candidate for president who’s trying to delegitimize our democratic process without proof. It is unpatriotic for any interviewer or any journalist to help him.


Needless to say, Hannity, whose skin is as thin as Trump’s, took less than an hour before going absolutely ballistic.

Hilariously, Stelter pointed out that Hannity either hadn’t watched the video or was intentionally lying again. In fact, Stelter had clearly mentioned the districts Hannity was referring to – and already debunked the premise. It was nonsense.

Hannity is already Fox’s least liked pundit, but his behavior recently has become unhinged. His boosterism of Trump has become so glaringly obvious that even other Fox hosts must be growing concerned about how on the nose it is. It’s one thing to prefer one candidate over another, it’s something else to actively lie for that candidate in the hopes of hoodwinking people into voting for him. That’s not news. That’s not commentary. That’s propaganda.

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