Reagan’s Son On GOP Candidates: They All FAIL Miserably To Measure Up To Dad (AUDIO)

In an interview Wednesday on AM640 radio’s Bill Carroll Show Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan, spoke out about the Republican “Clown Car” candidates. “There are none,” he stated when asked which candidate was most like his father. Michael points out that Reagan’s progressive voting record as California’s governor, his union leadership involvement during his acting years and his stand on no fault divorce would have labelled him a RINO (Republican In Name Only).  Michael then drops this nugget of pure truth about the Republican candidates:

I think they make a giant mistake by trying be in the boots of Ronald Reagan,” he continued. “Ronald Reagan didn’t try to fill the boots of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. We weren’t looking for those people when we elected Ronald Reagan. I think they make a mistake, because when you put any of them up against Ronald Reagan, they all fail miserably.

We know that President Reagan left us with an unmitigated and perpetual economic disaster that has destroyed the middle class, but at his worst he was way better than ANY of the current Republican candidates. As Michael mentions, Reagan voted for a pro-choice bill and reached across to the aisle to work with the Democrats — which is something these candidates will never do.

Listen to the full radio show here via Soundcloud:

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Michael does note that one candidate, Rand Paul, does have something in common with his dad: they are both cowboys.  None of the candidates is as likable or as accessible as Reagan was, and there is a big problem with using his legend as a measuring stick for the candidates: they all fall short.

Yet nearly half the voters will never even know what that means. Michael notes that the millennials, like his 30-year-old daughter, just don’t know who Reagan is or even really care.

According to Michael his daughter often notes:

I know who my grandpa is, but nobody else my age knows who Ronald Reagan is,” he said. “To say, I’m just like Ronald Reagan. I mean, half the population out there is gonna vote, have no idea who Ronald Reagan was or is. Now, their parents or grandparents might, but they don’t.

Michael continues:

“This Republican Party today, and maybe it’s because there’s so much talk radio out there today, but many in talk radio would probably refer to my father today as a RINO, Republican In Name Only.

There it is folks, none of these GOP candidates could even fill his boots.

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