Ready To Get Creamed In 2016, GOP? — New Poll Proves America LOVES Hillary (VIDEO)

It appears Hillary Clinton couldn’t be more popular if she was made of chocolate, passing out free money and legal marijuana.

According to the most recent “most admired women” Gallup poll issued Monday, Clinton raked in 12 percent of the nominations for the 2014 poll. She was the only woman to receive double-digits. What’s more, this is her 19th time topping the list! She even beat out Oprah, who came in at 8 percent, and Malala Yousafzai, who received 5 percent of the nominations. Right or wrong, whether you understand or agree with it or not, that’s quite an accomplishment, and a heck of a strong indicator of Clinton’s potential power in a presidential race.

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Other runners-up include Condoleeza Rice at 3 percent, Michelle Obama at 2 percent, and as you might have expected in this crazy country, Sarah Palin at 2 percent. Both Laura Bush and Elizabeth Warren picked up the rear at a respective 1 percent each.

Contrarily, President Barack Obama topped the list for men, pulling in 19 percent, overall. He, like Clinton, was the only man to reach double-digits.

Following behind Obama are Pope Francis at a stretching distance of 6 percent, Hillary’s main squeeze, Bill, at a trailing in the dust 3 percent, and a less than impressive showing of 2 percent by former president George W. Bush (though that may likely still be argued to be too generous a number.)

In the caboose follow Dr. Ben Carson, Netanyahu, Putin, and everyone’s “favorite” talking head, Bill O’Reilly, at 1 percent.

The poll queried 805 people from Dec. 8 to Dec. 11 and has a margin of error from plus to minus 4 percent.

With such a margin of error, perhaps there is room for some to wonder aloud whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton really won the number one spot for women, but even an 8-point spread isn’t enough to take away President Obama’s staggering lead.

Perhaps Democrats stand a better chance in the 2016 presidential race than many would like to give them credit for after all. With Hillary doing so well, even if contested, and Obama leading the pack overall, Clinton may be a shoe-in for the presidency.

And wouldn’t that be just like America? Once we break one record we get a little silly about it and look to break another. Now that we’ve FINALLY had a black president in office, it’s easy to see the country figure, why not a woman?

And why not a woman? Plenty of people are looking toward Elizabeth Warren, too, though she claims to be staying out of the race, and her Gallup results are not quite as strong as Hillary’s.

No, this Gallup poll only underlines what many already knew – Hillary Clinton is a shoe-in for the Democratic nomination, and stands a hell of a good chance of finally showing the world for the first time in American history what a first man looks like.

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