Read The Scathing Email A Scottish MP Wrote After Trump Jr. ILLEGALLY Begged Her For Campaign Cash (IMAGE)

Donald Trump’s entire MO is that he’s a super rich guy who gets things done because he knows people and they tell him things. Apparently they never once alerted him about Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Casinos, Trump University and any other Trump enterprise that just failed in the time it took to write that sentence. He’s notorious for undervaluing his properties and spiking up his net worth, but he hasn’t been able to artificially inflate numbers when it comes to campaign cash.

Many were shocked to find that Trump’s war chest is as tiny as his hands. But the bigger–and potentially illegal–story is how Trump and his evil spawn have basically been telemarketing foreign leaders for cash. Maybe it’s harder to “Make American Campaigns  Solvent Again?” Trump has essentially been breaking campaign laws by soliciting money outside the US, according to watchdogs. Talking Points Memo reported that leaders in Iceland, Britain, and Australia have recently begun getting flooded with pathetic Trump emails, essentially begging them to chip in to make not their country Great Again.

One Scottish MP tweeted the following in response:


Bit for the win was Scottish MP Natalie McGarry, who went so far as to personally reply to an email sent to her by Trump’s repugnant kid. McGarry referred to Trump Jr’s message as a “begging bowl” and wished his father abject failure in his “repugnant” campaign.

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Wow, these Scots really don’t f*ck around! George Bush could only dream to make as many foreign affairs blunders as Trump has–and he’s not even President yet. The idea that this grotesque media fabrication could actually be a representative of the international community, handling sensitive diplomatic matters and dealing with our enemies, should keep everyone awake at night.

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