Read Paul Ryan’s Cringeworthy Attempt To Join McCain’s Trump Trample (TWEET)

Paul Ryan reached deep down Monday, in what appeared to be a desperate attempt to find his spine. He missed but gets some points for the attempt to follow John McCain’s scathing denouncement of the way Donald Trump has treated Khizr and Ghazala Khan (a Gold Star family) after Khizr spoke at the DNC.

That’s great, Ryan, but you are still supporting Trump for president, right? So, to be clear, totally clear, you are still supporting a man that you believe “is not reflective of America’s values.”

Oh, and you aren’t calling out the mistreatment, and attacks by Trump against the Khan family, either. McCain is also not withdrawing support, but at least he saw fit to blast Trump’s heinous treatment of a war hero. You allude to it, Ryan, but, it takes a lot of guts to actually stand up against a bully — guts that it appears you are missing.

So, this was just another way that Ryan is trying to keep his head above the copious amounts of sewage that he lowered himself into when he took the job of Speaker of the House for the GOP.

It may be easier, really, to lift his head if he attached it to a spine and say…. did the right thing.

Twitter is having none of his crap, as long as Ryan continues to support Trump, he is literally engaged in the actions that he is “renouncing.” Sure, it looks nice when he tries to say, later, that he never agreed with Trump — but as Joe Hill pointed out, it is a “toothless statement.”

That won’t help you get ahead in the party of hate, though, will it, Ryan? So, you are going to continue to give lip service to American values. Yet, all the while, lending your political weight to a two-faced, bigoted, fascist oligarch wearing a GOP (made in China) label on his jacket instead.

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