Read George Takei’s Scathing Message To Mayor Who Wants To Throw Syrian Victims In Internment Camps (IMAGE)

The level of fear mongering, hate and ignorance in this country in wake of the Paris attacks is absolutely shameful. Republicans are leading the charge, but even some of the members of our own party have joined them — the Democratic mayor of Roanoke, Virginia is one of them. On Wednesday,  Mayor David A. Bowers, expressed his interest in throwing Syrian refugees into internment camps — just like we did to Japanese-Americans during World War II — and now George Takei has responded to the ignorant, embarrassing fool.

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George Takei is a liberal rock star who always stands up for the underdog. However, in this case his ties to internment camps is far more personal. When Takei was a child, he and his family were rounded up and thrown in a camp because of their heritage. So, he is understandably outraged by Bowers suggestion that we repeat history. Takei said:

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The internment (not a ‘sequester’) was not of Japanese ‘foreign nationals,’ but of Japanese Americans, two-thirds of whom were U.S. citizens. I was one of them, and my family and I spent 4 years in prison camps because we happened to look like the people who bombed Pearl Harbor. It is my life’s mission to never let such a thing happen again in America.

That’s exactly right. Republicans are doing the EXACT same thing. They are looking at frightened refugees and calling them “terrorists” just because they look like members of ISIS. They are looking at frightened refugees and discriminating against them because they look different and don’t worship Republican Jesus™.

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Their behavior is absolutely shameful and completely stupid. Should we ban all white men from entering elementary schools because Adam Lanza killed twenty children? Should we prevent all white men from owning guns because they are the most common perpetrators of mass shootings? Should we put all Southern people in camps because Dylann Roof killed nine black people in a church? Should I hate all white men because a white man murdered my father? Of course not. So why is this okay?

Read the rest of George’s letter below:



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