Raving GOPer Vows To Protect NC From ‘Those Rainbow Flag’ People And Keep NC ‘Straight’ (VIDEO)

Current state senator and GOP candidate for North Carolina Attorney General Eldon Sharpe “Buck” Newton III just gave one of the most horrifically homophobic campaign speeches ever uttered – and in 2016, no less.

Standing in front of a crowd of ravening hatemongers, Newton claimed that he is the “poster child” for the bigoted bill that is known as the North Carolina “bathroom bill.” The bill forces people, regardless of their current gender, to use the restroom of the gender they were born with because people are afraid of them. Despite there never once being a case of a transgender person harming anyone in a bathroom, some people are uncomfortable with them using a bathroom so out go their civil rights.

This moron actually compared being transgender to “going through a rough time with drugs,” or trying to decide what step is next in life. He also displayed marked bigotry and prejudicial behavior against LGBTQ people.

While Newton does admit that there are more sex offenders on the rolls than there are transgendered people, he immediately went on to say that the law blocking these men and women from using the bathroom was actually keeping North Carolina’s wives, sisters and children safe. This jackass is promoting a law persecuting men and women who have never committed any crime and protecting no one from a danger that never existed.

It gets worse…

In a blatant slam against “those rainbow flag” people, he admonished his crowd to tell everyone how hard they are working to “keep their state straight.

However, even caught on camera, he is using the “they twisted my words” defense.

From “Buck’s” Facebook account:

Yet another Republican pissed off and deeply wounded emotionally because big, bad, meany-head liberals are using his own recorded words against him. Boo. Hoo. If you don’t want people telling others that you are a bigot, stop acting like a bigot.

The religious whackjob can’t seem to separate church and state in his own head, let alone when it comes to law, which is a pretty strong indication that this North Carolina politician should not be in any government office. If he wins, every single case that goes through the AG’s office that has to do with anyone that is not straight, white, and Christian will be tainted with his professed hatred and disgust for equality.

Not only does he seem unqualified to give North Carolina’s LGBTQ people (or anyone that disagrees with him for that matter) protection, he finds a way to be snide and dismissive to anyone with the guts to stand up to him.

Watch the disgusting display of bigotry, here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fR4UmpXTgQ&w=535&h=360]

Featured image via Facebook

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