Rand Paul’s New Book Sales Are Even Lower Than His Poll Numbers

Rand Paul’s campaign needs some help. He wants to be the presidential candidate of the party of right-wingers and pseudo-religious folks, but can’t seem to get those voters’ attention. He needs something – anything – that will gain their interest, earn their praise and get him their votes.

Hey! Here’s an idea! Write a book called “Our Presidents & Their Prayers”; it’s free promotion! Release it in the middle of the campaign season. It will associate him with religion and government at the same time! Paul can even make some money on it. And he’ll look pretty darn smart, being one of dem dere aw-thoors, right? Write right?

Wrong, Rand Paul. His new book about the religious beliefs of our country’s presidents has sold a measly 440 copies.

That’s since an October 20 release, according to Neilsen BookScan data acquired by Buzzfeed. And for a book from a presidential candidate with a national name? That low number is a friggin’ embarrassment.

At least this new embarrassment isn’t alone; it can join the many other factors of Paul’s shameful presence in this election.

Six months ago in May, Paul held a respectable fourth place in the polls among all Republican candidates, taking 10 percent of the vote. Today, however, he’s averaging only 2.8 percent in the last five polls. That’s eighth of the 14 candidates (nine of whom can’t break five percent).

That decline (and poor book sales, too) could be the result of the voting public catching on to Paul’s tricks and regular dishonesty. For example, Paul tries to depict himself as some freedom-loving Libertarian, but his congressional voting shows him to be the exact opposite – the most hardcore conservative of all of them, in fact, when you check his voting record. He’s been twisting the truth about his education and so-called professional association. Paul’s even tried to criticize others for poor parenting, and even though his own son had just been arrested (for the third time) less than a week before he spewed out that shameful statement.

So if no one any longer believes what Paul says, they sure as hell won’t have any interest in anything he writes, either.

Featured images by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia and Amazon

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