Rand Paul’s Need To Be President Could Cost The Republicans A Senate Seat

Rand Paul is walking a tightrope right now. His presidential campaign isn’t going too well at the moment and it’s putting his possible reelection to the U.S. Senate in danger. Why can’t he run for president and the Senate at the same time? The problem is, actually, his own state’s laws.

It doesn’t seem that he planned this too well, which doesn’t bode well for either a senator or a president. He had to know way back that Kentucky plans to hold its primaries in May right now. According to Mother Jones, Paul tried to get Kentucky to change its law so that he could be on the ballot twice, but Kentucky Democrats blocked that.

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Rand Paul, at this point, has exactly one option left: Move Kentucky’s presidential primary up. As it stands right now, he’ll either have to be so sure he can win the presidential nomination that he can give up his Senate seat, or he has to be sure he wants to return to the Senate, and give up his presidential bid. If he waits too long, and doesn’t give the Kentucky GOP enough time to find a replacement candidate, they could potentially lose that seat for the Republicans.

Wouldn’t that just be a crying shame.


An article published in Politico last month goes into gruesome detail about Rand Paul’s downward spiral in this particular presidential race. Once seen as one of the top potential candidates, he’s had serious problems with fundraising, morale among his staff is low and falling, and the loudmouth that is Donald Trump, along with the establishment guy known as Jeb Bush, have badly overshadowed him.

The funding problem may prove to be his biggest issue in Kentucky, since he offered to cover the cost of moving their presidential vote up with some of his campaign funds. He only has a little over $4 million, while other candidates have two, even three times that amount. He’s offered to pay $500,000, which is roughly what it would cost to move the primary. If he can’t raise money, that’s a hefty chunk of change for him that may not even be worth it.

Mother Jones says this plan appears to be legal, since parties can choose their candidates however they want. He hasn’t paid the money yet, and there’s no word on whether Kentucky will even accept this plan. Is he delusional enough to think that he can still win the nomination? Will he lose his Senate seat, possibly giving it to a Democrat, and end up out of the national stage altogether for a few years?

Dare to dream. In the meantime, he’s in some serious trouble and needs to either come up with a plan, or make a decision sometime soon.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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