Rand Paul’s Desperate Attempt At Relevancy Backfires On Twitter– Literally (IMAGES)

In desperate attempts to achieve relevancy Rand Paul posted a video to Twitter in July showing him taking a chainsaw to the tax code. Of course, Twitter users completely shredded him.

He obviously learned nothing from that because today he displayed his ineptness to handle firearms–while not practicing any kind of firearm safety measures–and once again publicly humiliates himself by shooting at the tax code.

This morning, Fox “correspondent” John Roberts was kind enough to provide entertainment for us by Tweeting this picture of Rand Paul:

rand paul rifle tweet

Twitter users respond hilariously:

rand paul rifle tweet responses

Some point out that he isn’t practicing basic safety and question his experience with firearms altogether:

nick nash on nra gun safety
Dave asks first time around guns

Apparently “Dr.” Paul likes embarrassing himself because he didn’t stop with the rifle. He then featured himself with what John Roberts describes as a 9mm:

rand paul handgun tweet

Twitter users question whether it is actually a 9mm and not a .45 and critique his form:

45 and form bad form small hands

And no, it didn’t stop there either. After that he brought out the “heavy artillery” and then proceeded to post pictures of himself looking ridiculous with various firearms and fans.

Rand Paul is an idiot

Rand Paul is a dork

Perhaps this is an attempt to frighten Donald Trump before the GOP debates that are set to air tonight. “Dr.” Paul has threatened to go after Trump during the debates with “both barrels.”  *sigh*

Featured image via Twitter.


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