Rand Paul’s Bizarre Reason For Why We Shouldn’t Take Refugees: We Won The Revolution

Rand Paul doesn’t want Iraqi refugees settling here, apparently because we won the war there. If we won the war, then, in his bizarre dimension, that means accepting refugees would be akin to the founding fathers seeking refuge in England following the Revolution. Yes, he really did say that, according to Right Wing Watch:

It’d be sort of like us winning the Revolution and our founding fathers decide to take political asylum in England, you know? It just makes no sense at all.

It’s his analogy that makes no sense, especially when you consider that he also said the following:

Why did we admit 60,000 Iraqi refugees when we won the war? I thought you got political asylum if you lost the war.

Considering the fact that we destabilized the entire Middle East when we supposedly “won” that war, it’s no wonder we’re getting refugees from all over the Middle East. Our victory was not their victory if the word “victory” can even apply. Iraq isn’t a great nation since we “won” over there. It’s a mess. We went in like we were just so sure we could make Iraq this shining beacon of democracy, and we created nothing but chaos instead. How is it that Rand Paul does not know this?

Well, actually, the answer is that he’s Republican, and America has to win on their planet, so we won, and we’ll win against ISIS, too. If we admit that we screwed up, then we’ll look bad (because we don’t already look bad), and we just can’t have that, now can we? No. Of course we can’t.

He also apparently said:

It’s crazy that we would just say, ‘come visit us or come on a student visa or come as a refugee or just simply come and become a citizen.’ So I think we need much more scrutiny than we’re doing.

Paul is fighting criticism over his idea of barring Syrian refugees from even entering the U.S. by talking up how “fair-minded” he is. However “fair-minded” he might be, which is a claim on which we call bullsh*t, he’s really, incredibly ignorant as to the processes used to vet refugees, to grant student visas, and more.

See how ignorant he sounds? How can he not know this stuff? He’s a member of Congress, there is a lot of this that he ought to know, and yet, somehow, he doesn’t.

Or he’s just pandering. It’s probably both. Rand Paul wins Idiot of the Day for this.


Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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