Rand Paul: The Problem With Native Americans Is They Don’t ‘Assimilate’ (AUDIO)

Rand Paul had an interesting interview with right-wing idiot Laura Ingrahm recently, regarding the plight of the Native American. In the interview, Paul said he felt that basically it came down to the fault of the Native American society for not assimilating into American society.

Remember that time Native Americans were the only residents of this country, and white Europeans assimilated them by bringing outright genocide? Rand Paul seems to have forgotten. Hey, let’s face it. He knows and he simply doesn’t care because he is white.

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Rand Paul’s hero and namesake, Ayn Rand, had interesting thoughts on the Native American people as well.

Here is an audio recording of Ayn Rand discussing Native American people. The relevant part starts at 9:24:

Yes Rand thinks that the  real problem with Native Americans is that they simply refuse to drop the “Native” part and become regular Americans. If they would ONLY get over the cultural genocide, and hundreds of years of segregation, oppression, second classing, and continued violence perpetrated against them by the US government and American society in general, they would be so much better off!

Rand also has a history of anti-Native American legislative action. His 2013 budget proposed cutting Indian Health Services by more than 20 percent. He voted against re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which would have given tribes the power to prosecute non-tribal members for violence perpetrated against Native women on tribal lands, and his 2015 budget proposed to eliminate the Bureau of Indian Affairs all together, leaving literally every tribe in the U.S. with no governmental services in any form.

Rand Paul is just another example of the idea that “White is Right,” which has resurfaced with extreme prejudice recently, since the election of our nation’s first non-white president. It has now become permissible, and even profitable and career-positive, to be a racist again in America.
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