Rand Paul Solves All Of Ferguson’s Problems

Rand Paul visited Ferguson, MO today urging the African-American community to use their “power” to overcome the problems there.  Paul used the 45 minute “listening session” to pass along one of his favorite moves from his political go-fish playbook: Black people should vote.

Rand Paul has it figured out, you see.  If the people of Ferguson would vote for a new Mayor, say…an African American, the likelihood that black teens will get shot with their hands in the air will decrease, and everything will be OK.  This is an all too familiar Paulism.  It seems no matter what the issue is, Rand Paul feels he must buck the party protocols and stand for minority voting while his party assiduously tries to disenfranchise any voter they can.

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The Senator’s message is a strong one and it rings true.  That message has been on the streets of Ferguson from the early days of the controversy, with volunteers and activists registering more than 3200 people to vote.  The advice may seem sound and it may play well with moderates when in reality it’s nothing but a sound byte for Paul to use for political advantage.

In a story published earlier today on Politico, Paul was quoted as saying:

My opinion is they have a great deal of power and if they wanted an African-American police chief they’d get it in one election if they just go vote for the mayor and register people.  They were not too antagonistic to that. Some of them still want some kind of federal intervention here but they have a great deal of power and could do anything they want if they register people to vote.

Of course “they” weren’t too antagonistic to that, considering “they” have already successfully registered 1/7th of the population of “their” town.  Thanks for the tip Rand but they went ahead and got started without you.

The Senator hates racism.  He abhors it, sort of.  He would have worked to end segregation had he not been 2 when the Civil Rights Movement happened.  Racism has no place in America.

In Public, that is.

Rand Paul’s eloquent words about equality and tolerance only apply to the public sector.  Private people, no matter how much we disagree, should have every right to do and say whatever they want on their property or at their privately owned business.  In the world according to Rand, it’s perfectly OK for a restaurant to refuse service to people based solely on their race.  A landlord shouldn’t have to rent to a minority even if his only reason is “I don’t like those people.”  The color of your skin should be the only requirement for employment if that’s what the business owner wants.

As soon as you step into public however, all that has to end because a civilized society has to be fair.  Government should certainly not discriminate.  Equal rights for everyone.  Get out there and vote and show everyone how strong you are.  Rand Paul supports you.

Our homes and businesses are what make our civilized society.  It’s all well and good for Rand Paul to forget that he hires neo-Nazis. He can brush off  celebrating his last victory at an elitist country club because Tiger Woods plays golf.

This isn’t some new revelation for Rand.  In 2002 he made it absolutely clear where he stood in a letter to the editor of The Bowling Green Daily News:

Should it be prohibited for public, taxpayer-financed institutions such as schools to reject someone based on an individual’s beliefs or attributes? Most certainly. Should it be prohibited for private entities such as a church, bed and breakfast or retirement neighborhood that doesn’t want noisy children? Absolutely not.

Kudos on refraining from using minorities and replacing them with “noisy children.”

People with short attention spans are easily fooled by Rand Paul.  People who want to feel justified in their racism love Rand Paul. Fortunately outside of the specific species of Kentucky sheep that keep Rand Paul in office and anyone condoning the anarchy of an unrestricted free market, he is seldom taken seriously.


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