Rand Paul’s Latest Idiocy Gets Called Out By One Sharp Tweet (IMAGE/AUDIO)

Probably everyone is familiar with the phrase “practice what you preach.” Except Rand Paul, that is, as the U.S. Senator from Kentucky made quite evident in an April 28 radio interview.

Speaking with host Laura Ingraham, Paul used a common Republican (and veiled racist) argument to explain the cause of Baltimore’s civil unrest. The disturbances aren’t due to the police brutality that claimed Freddie Gray’s life; Paul said they’re occurring because – gosh darn it – an absence of proper paternal influence in that community.

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There are so many things we can talk about: the breakdown of the family structure, the lack of fathers, the lack of a moral code in our society.

But if a lack of positive paternal influence and other “Leave it to Beaver”isms are the cause, then Paul himself is guilty of the same offense.

His own son was arrested for alcohol-related offenses not once – not twice – but three times. And the last arrest was only six days ago on April 22.

That blatant hypocrisy didn’t sit well with one Twitter frequenter, who was quick to point out to Paul the silliness of that statement. In a direct tweet to @RandPaul, June Arbogast offered:

june tweet

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So move the hell over, Mr. Father Knows Best. In Jan. 2013, William H. Paul was arrested at an airport on charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct, underage drinking, and assaulting a flight attendant. In October of that same year, he was arrested for underage possession of alcohol at a racetrack.

And less than a week ago, the senator’s now-22-year-old son was arrested for drunken driving, crashing into a parked car, and lack of car insurance. (But Paul refused to speak with press about these incidents, claiming they were personal, family issues.)

You can listen to Rand “Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Elected” Paul’s egocentric silliness below:

H/T: @JuneArbogast | Image: WLKY

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