Rand Paul Exploits The Paranoia Of His Followers, Sells ‘NSA Spy Cam Blocker’ For $10

Rand Paul is completely opposed to any invasion of privacy, unless you’re a woman seeking an abortion or a gay couple looking to get married, but he is all for “free markets.”  In a slimy “kill two stupid birds with one giant stone” move, he’s promoting an “NSA Spy Cam Blocker” on his website’s store:

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The ruling he’s talking about is an appeals court decision Thursday calling the NSA spying program illegal.  Dr. Derp decided this was an excellent opportunity to exploit the paranoia of the imbeciles who vote from the far right by selling for $10 what a piece of electrical tape could accomplish for four cents:

spy rand

“Safe, practical,” and completely idiotic.  Then again, consider the source.

You’d think that the landmark court decision against the NSA would inspire oh, say, a U.S. Senator, to begin drafting legislation that would make further intrusion by Big Brother illegal. You’d think that oh, say, a U.S. Senator, would in the very least open a dialogue on the issue if he chose to delve into it.

Not Rand Paul. He decided instead to profit from fear (and cheap Chinese imports), using his Twitter account to spread the word of this awesome “deal.”

It seems at least some of his followers are catching on:

r1 r2 r3 r4 r5

In pandering to the paranoid, Rand has put his true colors in the wind.  Is he really so desperate for a few bucks in a coffer for a campaign that can’t possibly win that he’s willing to stoop this low?

It appears so.

Maybe we should be afraid. Imagine the NSA collecting hour after hour of your face as you peruse the internet.  You could be stored on a database somewhere revealing some of your most intimate and personal moments.  Looking left every time you finish reading a line, eyes following back to the right as you read the next one. A smile as a dog chases its tail on YouTube, and a WTF look and frown when you see that girl you grew up with post “Obama is a Muslim.”

Or maybe its all part of Obama’s plan to record us so it will be easier to check us into the FEMA camps after he declares martial law and becomes Julius Caesar Obama. With facial recognition software, the NSA could record your every move, logging when and where you buy your morning right through to the kind of burritos you like from Chipotle.  (Don’t forget to tip.)

If the NSA is watching you personally there’s a good chance you’ve done something wrong. As for their spying activities, it’s pretty much the same type of metadata gathering that Google and Yahoo do daily.  Does the NSA know what ads to put on your timeline the way Zuckerberg does?  Probably not.

It is a discussion worth having, and there will be people who fall on both sides of the issue from both sides of the aisle. Profiting from those too dense to understand just how foolish Rand Paul is making them look is definitely not Presidential.

Featured Image: Charles Topher

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