Rand Paul Announces Over 2M Facebook ‘Likes’; Is That An Indicator?

Rand Paul tweeted and announced on Facebook that he is indeed the first of the current 2016 Presidential candidates to reach and exceed 2 million Facebook likes. I checked and he is correct. Of course, we all know that just because someone “likes” your Facebook page or follows you on Twitter that they actually like or would vote for you. What some people don’t know–and I’m not saying Rand Paul did this–but you can purchase Facebook likes. To Rand Paul’s credit–and the post was up for several hours before I noticed it, so it could have been scrubbed–it looked like he had far fewer haters on his feeds than, say, Mike Huckabee (twitter and facebook) or Rick Perry. Honestly, their campaign managers are doing poor jobs.

I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of candidates and their Facebook page likes and Twitter followers to see if it correlated with their actual popularity and how they rate in the polls.  If they had more than one Facebook page or Twitter feed I chose the largest one. Here is what I found:

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Facebook Likes, ranked highest to lowest, as of 6/6/2015 at 12:00 noon PST:

Rand Paul                           2,001,351

Mike Huckabee                 1,743,185

Donald Trump                   1,676,894

Ben Carson                        1,488,172

Ted Cruz                             1,249,186

Rick Perry                           1,183,243

Bernie Sanders                  1,172,389

Marco Rubio                         874,937

Hillary Clinton                     871,615

Jeb Bush                                178,165

George Pataki                       111,845

Carly Fiorina                          60,172


For Twitter followers, ranked highest to lowest, as of 6/6/2015 at 12:30pmPDT:

Hillary Clinton                    3,620,000

Donald Trump                   2,940,000

Marco Rubio                         744,000

Rand Paul                              627,000

Ted Cruz                                451,000

Carly Fiorina                         369,000

Mike Huckabee                    368,000

Ben Carson                           353,000

Bernie Sanders                     352,000

Rick Perry                              291,000

Jeb Bush                                193,000


There are all kinds of polls that show varying outcomes of who would likely win the Presidency were the election to happen today.

I chose the results of the PPP polls since it wasn’t area-specific nor typically not biased, say, like Fox “News” polls.

Against Republican candidates they show Hillary Clinton up by 10 points over Marco Rubio and Ben Carson, 11 points over Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, 12 points over Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, 13 points over Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry, and 15 points over Chris Christie.

For the Republican nomination they show Scott Walker leading by 5 points over the next closest Republican candidate, Marco Rubio.

For the Democratic nomination they show Hillary Clinton 50 points over the next closest Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders.

It should be interesting to see how each candidate’s reach and message evolved throughout the campaign and how social media plays a role in this election cycle.


NOTE: As of the original writing of this story, I was not able to track down how much each candidate has raised thus far. And that’s unfortunate since it will be a huge factor in the outcome.

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