Racists Tell Sasha Obama ‘Hope U Get Raped’ For Her 15th Birthday (SCREENSHOTS)

Sasha Obama recently turned 15, like countless other young women will do this year in our world. A teen girl’s birthday party isn’t something you would expect people to get all upset over, but when it comes to our first African-American President’s children, it’s sadly a whole different story.

You may have seen some of the well-wishes, photo collections through the years, and other writeups in the news mentioning Sasha on her special day. However, there is also a bad side to all of this that is fueled by pure American-made racism.

An obviously Republican, pro-Donald Trump Facebook page posted a picture of Sasha with the caption “What message do you have for Sasha Obama on her birthday?” The responses speak for themselves.

This is the way moral Christian Republicans who are totally not racist or woman-hating respond to a 15-year-old girl’s birthday.








And then there’s the worst of the worst.


Screenshots were taken of these at the time they were being posted. Some have since been deleted by Conservative cowards once it was apparent their un-advertised hate fest was discovered. Liberals began appearing on the thread not long after it started and some have even threatened to track down the racist Facebook posts to report them to employers.

It’s really unfortunate that after 8 years of our first African-American president doing a greater job, relative to the condition the country was in when he showed up, then many of his predecessors, the only response towards him is more and stronger racism. It’s as if Conservatives are trying to cram in as much as they can before he leaves office.

What’s especially disgusting is attacking a 15-year-old girl with racist remarks, threats of violence and sexual assault, and saying awful and degrading things to her parents about her. Let’s just call this what it is. It’s grown adult Republicans engaging in collective cyberbullying of a teenage girl. This is the vision Conservatives have for America.

Featured image Facebook screen capture

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