Racist Trump Supporter Booted Off Air For Using Rape Of 1400 ‘White Girls’ To Justify Muslim Ban (VIDEO)

During an interview with BBC Radio, Ryan Girdusky, a writer for Red Alert Politics and a Trump supporter, was politely thrown off the air by host Dotun Adebayo after insinuating that Trump’s Muslim ban was justified while citing a sexual abuse scandal in England which involved over 1400 children.

At first, Girdusky made the case that America needed to reduce Muslim immigration out of concern of “importing terror.”

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However, after the host countered that argument, by citing the case of Timothy McVeigh, (the white American-born terrorist who bombed an Oklahoma City Federal building in 1995, killing 168 and injuring over 600 people), that’s when Girdusky decided to go to the gutter:

A lot of the time, terrorist attacks are created by Muslims,” Gidursky told host Dotun Adebayo. “Whether you like it or not, England has its own problem with Muslims up in northern England, raping little white girls. They don’t want to –

Oh come on Ryan, come on,” Adebayo interrupted.

That’s true, did that not happen?” Girdusky persisted. “Did they not target little white girls?

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, that is beneath you,” the BBC host replied.

Did that not happen?” Girdusky pressed.

Actually no, that’s not true as you know,”Adebayo stated.

So Pakistanis did not rape white girls in Rotherham, England?” Girdusky continued.

At that point, the Adebayo had enough of Girdusky’s race baiting:

I’m not even going to engage in this conversation Ryan. It’s really beneath me and beneath you as well,” Adebayo stated before shutting down the interview and telling his audience, “I do apologize for anything [Girdusky] says that might be offensive.

Here’s the biggest problem. Since 1997, for about 16 years, Rotherham, England had a huge dark secret which involved underage children being exploited and raped by various men within that community.

A large percentage of the men participating in this activity were from the Pakistani-British community. However, the racial breakdown of the estimated 1400 victims is unclear, but reports suggest that many, if not most, of the children being exploited were white.

To make matters worse, the government of Rotherham knew of the abuse but failed to take action out of fear that they would be “giving oxygen” to racists. Police, social service workers, local council members, and other authority figures turned a blind eye to the abuse for years until around 2013.

This case became a rallying cry from white nationalists across Europe, using it as an example of how multiculturalism is dangerous. But bigots also continue to use the scandal to demonize, dehumanize, and vilify all Muslims, especially Muslim men.

Racists in England and across the globe point to this scandal to deny the existence of systematic racism and white privilege.

Girdusky had no interest in helping fight sex slavery or sexual abuse in England; he just wanted to use that tragedy as a weapon against those who would dare question Donald Trump’s xenophobic platform.

However, the host may have done more of a disservice by not engaging him, thereby allowing racists to promote a narrative which depicts liberals as being too scared to “face the truth.” One very easy counter Adebayo could have cited would have been the numerous sex abuse scandals involving underage children and Christian churches all over the world, but especially in America.

He could have asked Girdusky to explain why the biggest perpetrators involved in sex slavery and child exploitation in the U.S. are white males.

By using these points to counter Girdusky’s argument Adebayo could easily have disarmed the bigot’s absurd broad stroke analogy. However, the host may have given more undue credibility to the racist’s claims by silencing him.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube.

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