Racist GOP Shows Its True Colors: Donald Trump Leading The Pack Despite ‘Mexican Rapist’ Comments

Billionaire mogul Donald Trump is leading the Republic pack, according to several new polls that have him either in first place or tied for second with the Republican primary voters.

Too many politicians, too little good sense

The Republican field is a crowded one. Fourteen names are vying for recognition, and at least three more people are expected to throw in before August 6. Also expected on August 6 is the first Republican primary debate — on Fox News, the propaganda arm of the Republican party. And nearly all of them have come out swinging against Trump’s remarks.

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Trump found himself in hot water recently when he opened his campaign up by referring to most undocumented immigrants from Mexico as “rapists” and “murderers.” Even his tacit admission that “some” were okay didn’t stop companies from abandoning him right, left, and center.

But that hasn’t put his campaign back at all, apparently.

A July 8 Public Policy Polling survey shows Trump ahead of the various contenders in North Carolina, considered a key primary state. With a strong 55% perfect favorability rating from 16% of Republican primary voters, he’s leading Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, both of whom tie in second place with 12%. Huckabee is in third, according to the survey, with 11%.

The faction of the Republican party that Trump appeals too? The “very conservative” faction, with a solid 66% of them supporting him. Among younger voters, the percentage drops to 29% — although his lead is steadily improving, if other surveys are to be believed.

In Iowa, a Quinnipiac University poll has Trump tied with Ben Carson for second place, while a CNN/WMUR poll has him in second place in New Hampshire, as well, in spite of, or perhaps because of, the hostility from the Republican establishment.

Reince Prebus, head of the Republican National Committee, pleaded with Trump to turn down the rhetoric on Wednesday. He’s not alone — a few Republicans are worried that Trump will hurt the brand.

Frankly, if Trump appeals to shameless racists who are willing to believe tripe that a white supremacist would say, that’s the Republican party’s problem. Toning down the rhetoric won’t change that racism is as rife in the Republican base as maggots are in rotten food.

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