Racist Ex Congressman Posts Pics Of Paris Victims, Blames ‘Diversity’ (VIDEO)

Last Friday, the world once again went into mourning after a brutal ISIS-led terrorist attack in Paris. In the United States, we’ve taken the attack personally, to the point of lashing out at the very refugees who are leaving Syria to escape ISIS.

Colorado’s former Congressman and world-class xenophobe and all around bigot, Tom Tancredo, doesn’t think we’re afraid enough, so he took to Facebook to scare us more. He posted gruesome pictures of the Paris victims, all because his governor, John Hickenlooper (D), is welcoming Syrian refugees. I’m not going to post the pictures, but if you are so inclined, you can look at the meme on Tancredo’s Facebook page. It reads, “Celebrating Diversity, One massacre at a time.”

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Warning: it is horrible and I wish I could erase the image from my mind. His explanation to the Denver Post for the post isn’t much better:

I’m referring to the fact that this tragedy (in Paris), this horror, is something you cannot contain to one country if you don’t do something meaningful about immigration — a subject I’ve been involved in for some time — these are the kinds of things that result when you don’t protect your citizens,” he told The Denver Post.

He said he had the idea and asked a friend of his, whom he declined to name, to create the meme. The picture inside the Bataclan theatre in Paris first ran in the Daily Mail, a British tabloid, with the bodies blurred out.

What Tancredo and those on the right ignore, is that refugees have to go through a stringent 13 point vetting process that takes months. If only gun owners went through just a fraction of the vetting process that refugees are subjected to, we’d have less carnage in this country.

Here’s the video:

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