Rachel Maddow Just Torched Trump With A Perfect Description Of His Tanking Poll Numbers (VIDEO)

Trump is having a very bad week. His numbers have dropped significantly since the Democratic National Convention and he is acting exactly how a narcissistic, spoiled, rich boy who has always been able to buy his way in life would act. He’s melting down.

No longer can Trump stand in front of the large masses and brag about being “number one in the polls.” He ran his primary campaign by talking about his very favorite subject – himself. Now that this election has hit the big time and people are realizing a President Trump would be a disaster, his numbers are in a free fall and he just can’t take it. He is angry. He is desperate. So much so he even has Republican officials fearing he will quit.

Rachel Maddow started the segment speaking about the newly released polls showing Hillary having a significant lead if the election were to take place today. NBC News/WSJ show Hillary with 47 percent of the vote to Donald’s 38 percent. Other polls showed an even larger gap between the two. However, the most significant difference is showing in swing states where Trump losing in some places by as much as 17 percent.

Maddow describes Trump’s failing campaign in the absolute best metaphor imaginable. She said:

A campaign that is losing all of those states, all of those states all at once by these kinds of margins less than 100 days out — that is a campaign that’s on fire. That’s a campaign on fire that is sinking into a lake that is also on fire and the fire truck that just showed up to help is on fire and what’s shooting out of its firehouse is more fire. You’re just cooked.

We are witnessing the Republican hopes and dreams of reclaiming the White House go up in smoke.

Watch Rachel Maddow perfectly describe the state of Donald Trump’s campaign, here:

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