Rachel Maddow Just Perfectly Explained The Way Democrats Can DESTROY Trump (VIDEO)

Is there any question that Rachel Maddow is one of, or maybe THE smartest person on television? If you have any doubts about that, you probably haven’t watched her enough. Now she is offering a brilliant way that the Democratic nominee can go after GOP standard bearer Donald Trump. Let’s hope Hillary and Bernie are listening.

Maddow appeared on Late Night With Seth Myers, where she offered some thoughts about the election and Trump, who may be the most unorthodox candidate ever put forward as the nominee of a major political party in this country. Myers starts by asking if there is anything that Secretary Clinton could learn from “all of Donald Trump’s vanquished foes in the GOP primary?”

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Rachel says that the way the other Republican candidates chose to run against The Donald was all wrong. She says they all decided to point out to voters that Trump “is not a true conservative.” But what they quickly found out was that most of the people who were going to the polls didn’t care.

She goes on to say:

He’s not really running on any one individual policy. …His policy is just like whatever he grabs out of the air that’s floating around him. It’s not been what he’s running on. He’s sort of running on who he is. He’s a big rich guy who doesn’t pay attention to what people want from him, and he’s willing to be politically incorrect and self-funding.

Maddow says that is the way to take down Trump — tear down the myth he has created about himself. She continues:

If you don’t go at who he is, and you try to keep it based on his policies — which he doesn’t even understand let alone necessarily believe in — I think you kind of miss the point and you miss the chance to actually take him apart where it counts.

It’s a simple strategy, and oh so brilliant. Trump is painting himself as a genius businessman who is widely respected by friend and foe. But when the mainstream media isn’t busy falling all over itself to grovel at the feet of the billionaire mogul, they have allowed a few facts to slip out. Facts like these:

  • He has filed for bankruptcy four times.
  • He promised to bring thousands of jobs to a community in Scotland, but he failed to deliver, and citizens there are livid at what he has done to their town.
  • He is notoriously thin-skinned, and has filed dozens of lawsuits over the years, most over ridiculous matters.
  • He has also been the defendant in a large number of lawsuits.
  • Trump inherited a large chunk of his money from his father. Investment experts say that he is now worth $10 billion less than if he had simply invested his money in stock index funds.

Those are just the five most obvious examples of how a Democratic nominee can attack Trump by going after “who he is.” Because the real Donald Trump is actually nothing like the mythological Donald Trump of the 2016 campaign.

Here’s the video, via Late Night With Seth Myers:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7Tnfkz_yMo?rel=0]

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