Rachel Maddow Can’t Stop Mocking Trump For Telling His Supporters To Vote On November 28 (VIDEO)

For those of us with more than two functioning brain cells, we know we only have a little under a month left until Election Day. But if you’re a deplorable and hate our democratic process so much that you can’t even use Google, then you’ll be voting on November 28th. Or trying to.

Donald Trump just told a crowd of supporters to go vote 20 days after the election is over. And considering they hang on every word he says, there are probably going to be a bunch of very confused Trump fans on November 8th.

“We’re doing something that’s incredible and that’s a movement,” said Trump to a crowd of supporters. Adding: “There’s never been anything like this so make sure you register and go out and vote on November 28th.”

Okay, so when exactly is Kellyanne Conway going to tell Trump how a microphone works?

Then again, voting for Trump on November 28th could actually be a good thing. Why? Well, Trump has previously stated that he will probably never be seen again if he doesn’t win the presidential election. He’s such a drama queen!

Featured image via screen capture

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