Punishing Fox News: When You Report Only Lies, POTUS Makes You Pay (VIDEO)

Poor Chris Wallace. He’s all kinds of upset that President Obama’s White House doesn’t give Fox News any exclusive interviews.

What do you expect? Fox News has been attacking the President since his campaign began in 2007. Your blatant racism, birther crap, endless BENGHAZI! segments, and coverage of his golfing has made you the laughing-stock of…Oh, wait. Never mind, that’s always been true.

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You can turn on Fox News at any given time and within minutes you’re guaranteed to see one of their actors spin a great unemployment report into a catastrophe while a blonde giggles in a way-too-short skirt. Wait another four minutes and the world is about to explode at the hands of ISIS just before Ebola gets us all.

Fox News is ridiculous, Chris. If you want exclusive time with the President or someone who works closely with him, do the intelligent thing and get another job. The scripts may not be so sensational and the co-anchors may be able to offer an intelligent response instead of the hope of a wardrobe malfunction, but you may be able to earn a shred of credibility and quite possibly your dignity.

Watch Chris Wallace whine that Fox doesn’t get any exclusive interviews from the Obama administration.


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