Proving Once Again That He’s All Out Of F*cks, Obama Drinks Beer During A Live Interview (VIDEO)

It has become apparent in the last few months that Obama is completely out of f*cks. He proved it with his declaration that he’ll use his veto pen when Republicans hand him stupid bills. He proved it at the State of the Union Address when he mocked the GOP over his election wins, and he proved it again on Sunday night when he stood in the White House kitchen and drank beer during a live television interview.

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie and President Obama got together on Sunday for a pre-Super Bowl interview that touched on a wide variety of topics, but before they got down to business, the two had a beer together. Obama offered Guthrie Honey Ale beer made with honey from Michelle Obama’s garden and brewed in the White House. He also offered up a White House beer fun fact:

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We make beer. The first president since George Washington to make some booze in the White House.

Obama also joked with Guthrie that she should finish her beer before proceeding with the interview because it would,”make it go smoother.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the president drink a beer. During both campaigns he made stops at pubs and had beer with the patrons. This is however, the first time I can remember him drinking a beer before a serious interview and it’s pretty great.

President Obama’s wit, humor, and beer drinking have really made him relatable to the average American people. The average American people who aren’t vapid racists that is.

Politicians try really hard to make themselves relatable and often times they fail. Joni Ernst recently failed when she told her breadbag story in her State of the Union rebuttal. Obama, however, has never had a problem in that department.

It may not seem like a big deal that he and a reporter had a beer in the kitchen, but it was pretty great. He may as well have said,” f*ck it, I do what I want. I’m a winner.”

Watch the video below via Huffington Post:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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