Propagandist James Woods Tweets Same Lie TWICE About Hillary Clinton (TWEETS)

James Woods seems to be unable to realize that he suffers from a particularly virulent strain of “I hate Hillary so much I will believe anything bad about her.” Aside from inane shop talk and a cute animal or two, Woods has pretty much dedicated his Twitter account to spreading Hillary hate and spiteful hatred of anything remotely liberal.

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He is not above making sick jokes, or insinuating that Hillary would murder an opponent, and it appears he is also not above lying. Repeatedly, knowingly, and without hesitation.

For the second time this year, Woods has thrown any compunctions that he may have had against lying to the wind in his quest to fling mud at the Democratic nominee for president. Sadly, over 7,000 people have taken it upon themselves to share it, also.

Before you read the lie below, here is an actual quote from the book “It Takes A Village,” by Hillary Clinton:

Parents bear the first and primary responsibility for their sons and daughters — to feed them, to sing them to sleep, to teach them to ride a bike, to encourage their talents, to help them develop spiritual lives, to make countless daily decisions that determine whom they have the potential to become.

And here is the lie:

He shared it on Sunday morning, as of Monday afternoon it is still up, despite garnering a “pants on fire” rating and full article from Politifact, not once, but TWICE. Woods also posted the lie back in March — but it remains active as long as you can see it above. It seems Woods’ bloviating about moral superiority is actually only a deep interest in spreading propaganda.

From Politifact:

In March, we fact-checked the exact same image Woods tweeted. At the time, we looked at her book on Google Books and searched for the quote both on Google and on Lexis-Nexis.

We did not find the quote then, and we didn’t this time after re-doing the search. The Clinton campaign declined to comment. We found quotes from the book making the opposite point.

Woods is so poisonous, so hateful and willing to lie to hurt Hillary Clinton, he seems to have a fan that is quite good at doing the same thing. Donald Trump appears to just love James Woods manufactured rhetoric. Bromance, gone wrong.

What’s not to love about Woods, if you are Trump? It seems they are a chip off the same block, hateful, lying, and well, unabashed in the pursuit of besmirching perceived enemies with their Twitter drivel.

Seriously, when you pimp a con man while lying, continuously, about his opponent it is time to reassess whether or not you can call yourself a decent human being. In this case, there is a distinct lack of decency and humanity. James Woods should be ashamed, then again so should his pal Trump, and that just isn’t happening either.

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